Just a Moment

This past year I’ve been learning more about the significance of self care. It doesn’t matter if one is an extrovert or an introvert, in my opinion they both have more in common than we would like to believe. Self care is something everyone needs, but not everyone does.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by tasks and emotions I stretch myself out until there seems to be no more air within me. I often push myself to my limits and neglect the importance of rest for the sake of “making the best of time.” Although this is not the case. I also learned that distractions to cope with stress do not make it any better, in fact it often makes it worse. But in order for me to actively get on track again I must take time for myself by doing something I enjoy. I apologize if this appears confusing, but I do want to discuss this topic more thoroughly in the future since learning about self care and how to apply it to my personal life has become very important to me.

This is a short poem to describe my vision of how taking time for myself is beneficial to my well-being and lies within the simple pleasures of life. I hope that everyone can find their own stimulus to overcome and have a healthy approach to the negative burdens we so consistently carry.


I’m gonna run away

I’ll be right back

Just a little time

It’s all I ask


To soak up the sun

Feel the dirt beneath my feet

Lean against the trunk of a tree

Read desperate poetry

Drink cheap red wine

Listen to undiscovered tunes

Sway my hips

Close my eyes

Cover my fingers in paint

Write myself a song

Or two


Let me dream

Wide awake

Beneath the stars

I need to remind myself

Of the unexplainable sensation

Between sleep and consciousness

Deep and heavy

Yet so light and freeing

Like raindrops sliding down a windshield


Give me a moment

To listen to my heartbeat

The rhythm coursing my veins

To dig my fingernails in the sand

That support the vines

Tangling beneath my chest

To see the flickering light

Through eyes swamped by visions


Photo: January 2016, Havana, Cuba


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