This poem is a little bit older, but this is a result of experimenting with romantic poetry. It’s not my most comfortable genre, but with one’s life comes many emotions to influence one’s literature.

Written by the water, in cooler weather, after finals.


I’m knocked over by a wave

Every time you’re around

My heart is washed over with excitement

Drowned in peace

I am safe

Your listening eyes are deep

Sparkling with admiration

Chills run down my spine

My stomach fills with feathers

Beathing slows, but my heart soars

Tell me what my ears yearn to hear

But only if it’s true

Let your electric touch

Calm the spasms of my hands

The frequencies between us

Are in harmony once again

Time is not in our favor

The nights are long

The air is cold and unkind

But the moon is our friend

There is no beginning or middle

And may this time never end

But forever in my heart we are together

With secrets never to be told

I’ll remember even when you forget

And that’s almost enough to guarantee

No end



Photo: January 2016, Havana, Cuba



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