Ode to 2016

Simple and short

Not poetic

Just organized words.

Blessed to know that I am loved

Immensely more than than I realize

Blessed under a God that saves me

…and helps me to give when I have nothing left

Blessed to live in this century

In this country

To be unashamed of my color, race, faith, and values

Blessed by ancestors who suffered to give me a brighter future

To have an education regardless of how much I complain

The exams

Early mornings

Countless sacrifices

All for a future to be worthwhile

Blessed to have the freedom to love whoever and whenever
Thankful for late night laughter

Pillow talks

Kitchens for cooking quality food


Fresh air

Medicine and doctors

Mentors and caretakers

Picking me up

Putting me back together

When I lost hope
I learned that being homesick is ok

And is a privilege

I learned be bold and say what is important

Understand my unequal opportunity

And why I need to take advantage of it

To not forget about the poor

Christ letting me be His hands and feet

Taking photographs

Yet pause and soak up time

Who is she

She is me

In the midst of pain and suffering

It is well with her soul






Not alone

Welcome 2k17. I’m glad you’re here.


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