Oh yet again

Finding old gems, flipping through old memories.


This feeling

Exploding notion

Somehow slips down my shirt

Slick and warm

Slow yet consistent

Wrapping its being

Around my chest

Once again

All too familiar

Fingerprints retraced

Nervous and excited

Yet slightly unforgiving

Old memories on repeat

Images of bliss

Carefree and enticing

Tasteful to this new tongue

Bittersweet lingers

Phases of pain

Scars faded

Only seen in the light

Pause this dam

Drowning me in its power

But don’t stop

Not yet

Keep going

What are mistakes?

Regrets and logic

Lord guide me

My eyes are closed

Throat clutched

My crown cannot show through tangled vines


Photo: January 2016, Havana, Cuba


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