Tears of Yours, Tears of Mine

Because lately poetry has finding me when I’m supposed to be engaged at my internship.


Baby please don’t cry

Let me sing you a lullaby

I know you’re shy

But tell me why

The expression on your skin: abide

With how I feel inside

These hearts don’t you know will soon collide

But honey I know you’re wise

This is not goodbye

Wipe your tears and put on your favorite tie

There is a world out there nothing but wide

I wanted it to be mine

For awhile my dreams touched the sky

Oh how I realized the time

We have is limited and I must comply

Took a deep breath and sign

Lucky for me it was you for me to find

Squirted my eye with a lime

You had nothing to offer but a nickel and a dime

But my god you looked so fine

Ever since then you make me shine

Stop drinking wine

Teaching me to be kind

You gave me a chance of a lifetime

I would never want to hurt you I

Love you now baby please don’t cry


Photo: February, 2017, Pass-a-Grille, FL



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